Southeast Texas Alerting Network

Stan Can Call You at Home, But it’s Important to Register Your Cell Phone Too.

In the event of an emergency, STAN will call residential and commercial telephones in the affected areas. Since you’re not always at home, you can register to make sure you receive notifications no matter where you are. That way, if you’re at work and something happens near your home, you’ll know about it.

Follow the registration instructions below to sign up for cell phone notifications via voice or text, or to sign up for email notifications. You can also call 1-844-578-7826 to register for notifications.

How to Register

  1. Click “Register.”
  2. Complete the information form with your name, phone number, email, password and address. Providing your address allows officials to target alerts to specific areas when appropriate.
  3. Select “Submit Registration”
  4. You will receive a verification code via email and/or phone call. Enter the verification code on the registration verification page and click “Complete Registration.”

Subscribe to Multiple Cities and Counties

  1. Click the “Add Subscriptions” button to receive alerts for other cities and counties.
  2. Select the cities and counties from which you wish to receive alerts. Once selected, click “Add Selected.”

Once you have completed registration, you can go back to your city/county’s page at any time using the buttons to the right and log in with your email address and password to manage contact information, add phone numbers, emails and addresses and add or remove subscriptions.